I did something new at the gym tonight! Woot!

Something I’ve been thinking about trying but been too scared to try:  JOGGING!   After doing 25 minutes on the elliptical, I did 25 on the treadmill and at 4 separate points, I did a full minute of jogging.  Probably doesn’t sound like much to most people, but for me, this was a huge a accomplishment and I am thrilled!  Woo hoo!


Happy with weigh in today!

I know that I said yesterday I wasn’t going to weigh in for a few days to let my body settle down from the food poisoning, but I changed my mind.  I’m thrilled to find myself 2.4 pounds LESS than I was in the weigh in a week before Vegas bringing my total loss this journey to 102.6 pounds.  This makes me happy, although obviously, I would have preferred NOT to have experienced food poisoning.  This brings me only 10.5 from where I’m really looking forward to getting to….ONEDERLAND!

Home from Vegas

Home from Vegas and well, any worries of gaining a bunch of weight (which I had accepted) turns out to be moot.  On day 3 I ended up with food poisoning and barely ate the equivalent of a small meal each of the rest of the days.  It’s been 6 days since the food poisoning and I’m only now back to my usual eating routine.

Despite the food poisoning, apart from the 36 hours I was attached to either my hotel bed or bathroom, it was a great time.  Between the crazy amount of walking that Vegas requires and the full hour workout I partook in at the hotel’s fitness facilities, I’m pretty sure I am not in danger of having to re-lose more than a pound or two.  I did peek at the scale yesterday, but I know I’m holding a lot of fluids right now because of the illness related dehydration and heat related swelling I am used to.  I’m not doing an official weigh in for a few days yet.  Also tomorrow I’m going to be back to my fitness routine with a Zumba class.  Excited about that as I scored a great deal on some New Balance runners and can’t wait to try them.


I am off to Vegas today for 6 nights.  While I will definitely be making better choices than I have in past years, I am fully expecting that the scale will have gone up a couple pounds when I return.  I am hoping that the crazy amount of walking and the fact that I’m bringing my gym clothes and planning to use the hotel gym is going to offset some of the eating and drinking.  I am going to be cognizant of the fact that I have lost 100 pounds and celebrating that with my friends and hubby when he arrives on the 4th day.

Celebrating what 100 pounds lost means in non scale victories!

There have been so many different things I’ve noticed as I’ve lost the most weight I’ve ever lost in my life.  I will likely add to this list as time goes on as it seems like I notice new things every day.

1.  I no longer have to stop to rest when carrying a basket of laundry up stairs in my house.

2.  Instead of “heaving” myself off the couch and using the armrest to help me to stand up, I just get up in one smooth motion.

3.  I can put my underwear and pants on like a normal person.  I lift my legs up one at a time and put them where they go instead of having to sit down to put them on.

4.  I actually ENJOY exerting myself and getting sweaty in the process.

5.  I can bend down to shave my legs in the shower like everyone else rather than having to prop up my leg on the tub side and hope I’m covering everywhere as I shave.

6.  I can bend down to put socks on and tie my shoes instead of having to sit down to do it.

7.  I can sleep on my stomach again!  Haven’t been able to do that since high school.

8.  I used to plan my errands based on the least amount of walking.  I no longer care how much walking I do.

9.  I used to have to adjust the seat in my car where my feet could reach but my belly would rub on the steering wheel.  To be honest, it didn’t just rub, it was squashed.  Now I can put the seat as far forward as I like and there’s no contact between my belly and the steering wheel.

10.  My seatbelt isn’t pulled to the max.  There was one year I worried about winter coming because I wondered how I’d fit in the seatbelt once I had a winter coat on.  Now, there’s a LOT of slack in my seat belt.

11.  I no longer need a seatbelt extender on an airplane.  That was the most humiliating thing about flying for me…asking for one.  I’m embarassed to say I had my daughter do it for me a couple times.  😦

12.  I no longer have no choices as far as where I can buy my clothes.  So many choices now!

13.  The simple act of turning over to face the other direction in bed is simple now.  It used to be much more of an ordeal.

14.  I can use my laptop as it was intended.  On my lap.  I used to have to balance it on my stomach and knee or utilize the arm of the couch.

New challenge!

I toyed with the idea of taking a rest day from working out today.   This past month at least, I haven’t skipped a single day of working out while I was pushing towards the goal of hitting the milestone of having lost 100 pounds.  Made it 6 days ahead of my desire to do it before my trip to Vegas.  I understand the “rest day” recommendation but I made sure during that month not to do the same activity two days in a row, so I figured it was ok.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of working towards doing a 5K at some point.  The idea as it was taking shape had me losing another 30 pounds or so and then doing some kind of couch to 5K program.  There have been many treadmill workouts that I’ve thought about attempting to run, but honestly, I have so much loose skin flapping around right now and my workout shorts are pretty baggy so I don’t think it would be a good idea just yet.   Not to mention I have a vision of myself flying off the end of the treadmill into a big heap and embarrassing myself.   This idea to work towards a 5k has really been bouncing around in my head so despite seriously considering taking today as a “rest day”, I decided to do 5K walking on the treadmill and give myself a benchmark time to work from.  I have to say, I was impressed that I did it in under an hour.  In fact, I did it in 56:27.  I am pleased with that for now.

I still can’t believe I love this!


I don’t think this picture captures just how sweaty today’s Zumba class left me.   The usual Tuesday night instructor is away this week so we had someone new covering it.  Not sure if the humidity was extra high or trying to follow the new moves of this instructor was tougher than usual, but the sweat just poured off me tonight.  During the stretches at the end, I noticed sweat beading and even running all over my lower legs.  I’ve never seen them sweat before. LOL

Just a year ago, I HATED sweating.  So much so that the first few times I tried a non aquafit class I grumbled for hours afterwards each time.  And now I just love getting all sweaty.  LOVE IT!

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