On a mission

As of today, I’m down 98 pounds on this journey.   I’ve never been one to set short term weight loss goals because my belief is that it’s going to be a long process and I need to be comfortable with the process, not the goal.  That said, about a month ago I chose a goal I want to hit.  In 9 days, I leave for Vegas.  This is my only “holiday” of the year as it’s the only time in the year when I’m not responsible for another human being.   I REALLY want to hit the 100 pounds lost before I go so I can celebrate that.  I am so close I can taste it.

Sadly, I’m also at that time of the month during which I tend to bloat up so the scale has seemed stuck for almost 2 weeks while I’ve stepped up my fitness routine and tracked everything I put in my mouth.  Frustrating but understandable.  I will get there!!

95 lbs gone


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