Today’s run/walk outside. In daylight. In public. Big step.

Really debated on bailing on today’s planned run/walk as I knew I was going to take it outside in daylight for the first time.  But I did it.  The good news is that I did a total of about 6.5 KM and survived running in public which was such a scary thing for me.  I did it at a trail that runs along a local river and while it was cold, it was beautiful.

The bad news is that probably because of a few too many glasses of wine last night with a girlfriend, plus the cold air (it was about 3 degrees Celsius) making it more difficult I couldn’t do the next level in the training program which included two sessions of 5 minute runs.  I had to stop and walk during each of them for awhile.  And coming back walking the 2nd half of the workout, I was heading right into the wind which was brutal.

But, I did it and I’m happy about that.  🙂  Progress, not perfection.

Hubby snapped this picture of me in my new running duds when I got home.  Blurry, but that’s ok.



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  1. RainyWriter
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 19:31:30

    High-10 this time!!!

    That is fantastic that you got out … and that you liked it 🙂

    The cold and wind can be arggghhh when you are in it … but after it feels totally great. And … only hard core people run in the winter/cold … and you are now one of them! Wooohoooo!

    Nice going.


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