Good week for the most part!

This has been a great week as far as pushing my fitness goals forward.  My last blog was about my first public/daylight run/walk which was a huge step, but it was also a failed Week 4, Run 1 in my training program which jumped me from 3 minute intervals of running to 5.  I wasn’t sure I was ready, but a few days ago, I felt strong enough to try again, but this time at the gym on a treadmill.  And I did it!

When I do the training runs, I also don’t stop when the training stops.  I do a full 5K every time so I can keep tabs on my time.  So that successful Week 4, run 1 had me running a full 5 minutes MORE than in any other attempt.  Two 5 minute intervals, two 3 minute ones and four 2 minute ones.

Then tonight, worrying that it was a fluke that I did that one, I went again to the gym fully prepared to not succeed but still hoping to, and not only did I do it, but I added one more minute of running for a total of 25 minutes running and 25 minutes of walking including the warm up and cool down.  I got to 5K at 42:30 which I’m very happy with.

Then to top it off, when I got to the gym, I was waiting at the front desk to sign in when a lady I’ve seen at Zumba before but never spoke to came up and started talking to me.  She wanted to tell me that she is so impressed with my progress and wanted to tell me that my hard work is really paying off.  Made my night.

Now all of this is balanced out with some bad news I got from my sister tonight.  She had a sore neck for a few days and was tempted to ignore it but ended up going in.  Turns out she has a massive blood clot in her neck, likely due to the chemo.  So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers while it gets slowly dissolved.  She didn’t need this…she is dealing with enough with the cancer and chemo.  😦


Exhausted, but in a good way.

Last night was the fundraiser to benefit my sister.  It couldn’t have gone better, with around $4500 raised in total between ticket sales, 50/50 tickets and a huge silent auction.  Today I am exhausted though.  Feeling good about what we accomplished and thankful that it went well.

Through all of this, I’m still continuing to drop pounds.  Latest weigh in has me at 192 lbs.  I can’t wrap my head around that.  Even though my parents saw me a couple months ago, at the fundraiser last night, my Mom at first didn’t recognize me.  And a bunch of people came and made positive comments about my weight loss, including two women I’ve never met before who apparently have been following my progress online who came up and said, “so, we need to know what your weight loss secret is”.  Also spoke to a lady who has a friend I may want to talk to about surgery when I’m done.  Her friend lost a lot of weight and ended up having all of her surgery down in Mexico, including belly, arms, breasts and thighs.  I may want to look into that.

One of my (seemingly many) struggles this past few weeks has been pains in my thigh and knee area.  I believed at first that I caused an injury of some sorts with my 5K training, but started to wonder if it was my workout shoes wearing out.  I decided to invest in a good pair of shoes, and once that thought started, I wondered if I actually needed two different kinds, one for running and one for Zumba.  Keep in mind that I’ve always  been a cheap shoe buyer…never really spent more than $50 on runners before.  Checked out a big chain store’s website and discovered a BOGO half off so went in this week and ended up buying two different pairs of shoes that happen to both be about breast cancer awareness.  Fitting, I’m thinking.  Aren’t they pretty?


The ones on the left are my Zumba ones and the ones on the right are for running.  I love them, and after just 2 times wearing them in Zumba classes, the knee/leg pain is almost gone.  Woo hoo!  I am looking forward to hopefully tomorrow getting back to my running training program in the new ones.

Interesting thoughts running through my head lately.  Everyone thinks that losing weight is a physical thing.  Yes, it shows up that way visually, but I believe it’s 99% mental and/or emotional.  For me, this journey has made the biggest changes on my emotional and mental self.  I am so grateful for that.

Feeling better

This week has been better.  I am finally kicking this cold…the second one I’ve had this school year.  This is the first time I’ve had back to back colds this soon in the beginning of the year in 20 plus years of teaching.  One I picked up and I believe my 9 year old brought one home from her school.  Not been fun.  Besides feeling ill, I’ve been unable to visit with my sister since her diagnosis of breast cancer because knowing she had her surgery (mastectomy plus lymph node removal) looming, I knew that she couldn’t afford to get sick and risk having her surgery date postponed.  She needs to recover from surgery well so that her chemo can get started.  Ugh.

But I’ve been keeping busy.  After some guilt the first week after my sister’s diagnosis over keeping up with my fitness routine (I realize that I need to take care of myself and now that we’ve had 2 cancer diagnoses in my family…Mom 10 years ago and now my sister), it’s important I take care of myself, even more than before.  I’ve also organized a huge fundraiser for my sister that has grown far beyond any expectations.  It takes place next week and so far we’ve got over 100 people attending and more than 32 donations to a silent auction including high end stuff like a weekend in Whistler and more.  I am thrilled and glad to be doing SOMETHING to help.

And, yesterday, I got this:


After a decade of my husband trying to convince me to get a tattoo, I got my first one.  I didn’t want one just for the sake of getting one, and while a few things interested me, this week I decided I needed to do it.  My 19 year old daughter (who has a couple tattoos) and I discussed getting a breast cancer ribbon together but for whatever reason, I felt the need to do it on my own and for myself so I managed to get an appointment after a cancellation at a good place with just a day’s notice.  I’m happy with it.   I told my sister, but no one else before getting it done and she cautioned me not to get it for her, but it’s not…it’s because 2 family members have had breast cancer now, and that’s ridiculous.  I’m already planning to run a 5k for breast cancer next year too.

This blog was supposed to be about my progress with weight loss, so I should say something about that too.  😉  As of this morning, I’m down to 195.8 lbs.  This sounds so stupid, but I can’t wrap my head around this number.  I had to submit my current weight this morning to the new local 6 week health challenge I’m participating  in and I came very close to accidentally submitting 295.8 lbs as my current weight.  I don’t think I ever believed I’d make it to under 200 like this.

I’ve been talking with close friends this week about some of my issues surrounding my weight loss and how it’s impacting me in my head.  I’m getting some great ideas on how to get past some of the major issues I’m still feeling.  Without getting too into it (and I’ve made it pretty clear in some of my heading posts), I’m still having body issues related to the weight gain and I NEED to work through them.  More on that to come, I’m sure.

Yet another rambling post, but it pretty much sums up my week.


Stressful Week

I wish I could have a week without major drama or stress.  This week has been particularly hard.  Trying to deal with my sister’s diagnosis of stage 3 invasive breast cancer hasn’t been easy.  There’s my husband’s loss of his Mom from cancer, my own Mom’s journey through breast cancer (she’s ok, thank goodness, a decade later) and seeing my own mortality in my face.  I can’t wrap my head around my younger sister getting sick like this.

My usual response to crisis is to jump into doing something to “fix” it.  Obviously, I am unable to cure the cancer, but in several conversations with my sister, she expressed her fears that her recovery from surgery followed by 9 months of chemo and radiation meant that her income was lost.  Her job is as an independent contractor which means she is not eligible for benefits that would help.  And having her common law husband having to pick up the slack would mean he would be out of town working even more than before.  That of course translates into him being unable to be there for her treatments or just for her.  So, figuring I could do something, I discussed with my sister doing a fundraiser for her.  She agreed to it (even though being in the spotlight like this is torture for her) and I went into action.  Set up a fundraiser for 3 weeks from the date I set it up and set to work getting donations for a silent auction.  I was blown away with the generosity of people and businesses and as of this writing, I have about 23 donations with more in the works.  People have expressed gratitude for what I set up and offered help.  Except my nephew.  Oh no…he spent the past 24 hours complaining about every aspect of the fundraiser, including many jabs at insulting my parenting choices, my personality and worse, took it to his Mom who is dealing with more than enough right now.  I am furious, sad and frustrated.

As far as my journey towards better health goes, I am happy that I haven’t gone completely off the rails.  Yesterday was Halloween and I did go over my calorie range (but also walked  A LOT).  Today, I’ve happily stayed within range despite being basically an emotional wreck.  I suppose that’s the only positive I can see right now.  *sigh*

I suppose there’s one more positive thing to report this week.  The 7 week health challenge I’ve been participating in left me in 3rd place in my category (new people to the challenge and percentage of weight lost) with a 3rd place finish winning me $75.  Yay!