Fabulous news from the doctor today!

After 2 years away from seeing my own doctor, I had an appointment today.  Booked it to get my 8 year overdue pap smear and I had a list of questions for him.  Was glad to hear that my cervix looks “healthy” (LOL) but my other concerns were priority in my head.  One concern was something I’ve been dealing with for over 5 years but since the weight loss, seems to be worse.  After a knee injury about 5 years ago, that leg has been constantly swollen.  Back then, the doctor explained that the scar tissue in the injury site was making it hard for the blood to get out of my leg so it was more swollen than the other one.  Not much I could do.  Since the weight loss, I don’t think it’s REALLY worse, but just seems worse because the shape of my legs have changed.  Turns out after all this time, the edema is pretty much made a permanent home in that leg and the only way I’ll get rid of it is with compression stockings.  Not sure I want to do that, so I may be stuck with it.

But…the good news:  I’ve been struggling with the appearance of the loose skin because of the weight loss.  Most of the time when I see my unclothed body, I feel like I look WORSE than I did over 100 pounds heavier.  Knowing that it’s more of a psychological issue than medical, I was afraid to approach my doctor.  I’ve been secretly hoping that at the end of this journey I could look forward to getting the body that I believe I’ve earned through this.  But I can’t afford tens of thousands of dollars in surgery.  In Canada, though, there are times that even plastic surgery can be medically required and therefore, it would be covered by our medical plan.  So, I asked my doctor today about it.  He looked at my belly and right away, said I was a candidate for medically covered plastic surgery once my weight loss is done.  So a few months before I think I’ll be at goal, I’m to get a referral.  Then a plastic surgeon will look at me and if he also believes I’m a candidate, he’ll submit a request to have it covered.  So while it’s not a for sure thing yet, I have hope which is awesome.  Woot!