Weight loss milestone reached

This week I managed to hit 125 pounds lost since starting this journey almost 2 years ago.  That number also means I am now exactly 150 pounds less than my highest known non-pregnant weight of 338.  Why is it so hard for me to accept these numbers as the fantastic job intellectually I know it is?  I’m thinking I’d like to lose another 35-40 lbs before looking into skin removal surgery and that number seems so ridiculously small compared to when I started this and I thought that I would never get to a goal because I had so much to lose and it seemed insurmountable.  Yet, here I am, sort of on the homestretch and I can’t wrap my head around it.


Happy with weigh in today!

I know that I said yesterday I wasn’t going to weigh in for a few days to let my body settle down from the food poisoning, but I changed my mind.  I’m thrilled to find myself 2.4 pounds LESS than I was in the weigh in a week before Vegas bringing my total loss this journey to 102.6 pounds.  This makes me happy, although obviously, I would have preferred NOT to have experienced food poisoning.  This brings me only 10.5 from where I’m really looking forward to getting to….ONEDERLAND!

So close!

I have a confession to make.  I am an obsessive scale watcher.


While I don’t define myself or my day based on the results, I like to keep close tabs on what is going on with my body.   Changes in exercise or sodium intake can show up and I like to know what is going on.  Especially when I’m close to a milestone or have a short term goal on the go, I get on and off that scale a lot.

It’s been interesting watching the before bed vs first thing in the morning weigh in.  Throughout most of my weight loss the difference was anywhere between 3-5 pounds from bedtime to morning.  And yes, I weigh in almost naked (just underwear) so as to have my clothing or pj’s not impact the number.

So last night when I did my usual before bed weigh in, I was almost giddy as the scale showed me only 1.8 pounds away from my goal of losing 100 pounds.  I was sure I would hit it this morning (a whole week earlier than the goal I set for myself).  Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and got on the scale.  SO CLOSE!  I’m .4 of a pound away from hitting that milestone.  I have to admit to at first being disappointed, but then I remembered the big picture.  99.6 pounds lost is a huge amount of weight and I know if I’m going to keep the obsessive weigh in habit up, I need to keep that in mind.

Let’s hope it happens tomorrow.  🙂