Reason to Celebrate Today! Woo hoo!

I was meeting my niece this morning for a Zumba class (her first) and not only did my niece sleep in but no instructor showed.  With the way I’ve been reacting to stress lately, I would have expected to have let it colour my day in a negative way.  But I decided to try to beat my former 5K record of 48 minutes and I totally SMASHED it with a time of 44:52.  Pretty respectable, considering just 2 years ago I weighed well over 300 lbs and just walking was difficult.

Also jogged more than ever in one exercise session with a total jogging time of 18 minutes with never more than a minute or two of walking between jogging intervals of either 1 or 2 minutes.  I am pleased!

And a sweaty selfie to celebrate.  Woot!



I did something new at the gym tonight! Woot!

Something I’ve been thinking about trying but been too scared to try:  JOGGING!   After doing 25 minutes on the elliptical, I did 25 on the treadmill and at 4 separate points, I did a full minute of jogging.  Probably doesn’t sound like much to most people, but for me, this was a huge a accomplishment and I am thrilled!  Woo hoo!

Almost cried when I got on the scale this morning.


I made my short term goal and 6 days ahead of schedule.  As of this morning’s weigh in, I have lost 100.4 pounds.  About 6 weeks ago I had 12 pounds to go and decided to make it a goal to make it to the 100 pound milestone by the time I leave for Vegas.  I leave in 6 days.  In order to accomplish this, I pumped up my workouts and it paid off.

I am one happy girl this morning.  🙂

Had a moment today…

I had quite the moment today.  With Vegas only 8 days away, I decided to stop by Penningtons which is the plus sized clothing store that 90% of my wardrobe has come from since I started going there.  With the 98 lbs lost so far, obviously, I’ve been aware that I’m shrinking and my entire wardrobe has been removed and I’ve slowly been replacing with smaller sizes, mostly from Penningtons (but in smaller sizes) and some from Value Village as I don’t want to stay in this size long.

So I figured I would look and see what they  had on clearance and maybe get a cute dress or something for Vegas.  I found some great deals including a clearance dress and top.  Took their smallest sizes and went into the change room, fully prepared to get a size up if needed.  But no.  Both items were way to BIG!

This seems so common sense, I’m sure.  Weight loss leads to smaller sizes.  Duh.  But I’m having trouble wrapping my head around it.  The idea of buying clothes in any old store is just so foreign to me.  Yikes!